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CFD's Trading

Wide range of CFDs on stock indices, stocks and commodities

Contract for difference (CFDs) are derivative financial instruments that allow investors to trade on the price movements of associated large-scale economic assets, including indices, stocks, energy and commodity futures.


Contract For Difference CFD is an agreement (guarantee obligation) between two parties on the transfer to each other the difference between the current value of an asset and its value at the end of the contract. In fact, a contract on purchase/sale of an asset with deferred delivery, but both parties initially assume that delivery will not be — commercial service will be closed the second trade of purchase/sale with the same amount and in the opposite direction (who in the first transaction was the buyer in the second transaction acts as a seller), but at the new price. If between the first and second transaction the price of the asset increased then the "buyer" (the first transaction) will receive from the seller the difference in price. If the price declined — "seller" will receive the difference in price from the purchaser. Often the term of the contract is not established and the agreement may be terminated at the request of only one party to whom such right is given. In fact CFDs are a derivative financial instrument that allows you to earn income on the rise and the fall in the price of the underlying commodity or securities.


WSSolution offers to all traders dedicated liquidity to the most traded Stock CFDs such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Alibaba.


Choose from a range of spot and futures contracts and trade in wheat, coffee, sugar, corn, copper, gold and Brent should be a reliable trading system.


Fast and efficient execution of trades with low margin requirements popular world indices including FTSE, DOW, Nasdaq, DAX and Nikkei index.

Most often, CFD is used for speculative operations. For example, with respect to the shares, CFD is derived from the contract of purchase of shares, which allows you to speculate on the price movements of shares, without the need for registration of ownership rights on these shares. CFDs were created in order to satisfy the demands of speculators with small capital. Contracts for difference allow you to significantly expand the scope of activities of private individuals. The CFD market was formed in the early 90-ies in England and assumed operations for the conclusion of contracts on purchase and sale of shares, but without ownership of these shares. At the moment, the contracts for difference is also generated on the purchase and sale of commodity futures contracts and financial instruments. Usually, CFD trading is using the credit funds (trading with leverage).