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Spot Gold & Silver

WSSolution offers commodity trading on all platforms, Spot Gold (XAU) and Spot Silver (XAG). Take advantage of the market volatility and diversify your trading strategy using precious metals that are available for trading 23 hours per day.

Spot Gold and Silver

It is not necessary to introduce such metals as gold and silver. But it is not only a valuable resource, but also a popular commodity. Gold and silver for many centuries have been money in the literal sense of the word. And now they, especially gold, retain the aura of "real money" that wakes up the interest in the periods of instability of the global economy and currencies. Diversify your investment portfolio.

Why choose spot metals for trading

We offer trade gold and silver on the spot, that does not imply actual delivery of the bullion, but allows You to profit from the spreads in times of purchases and sales.


Enhance your strategy and open short or long positions at the best prices in the corresponding market movements to obtain greater profits with limited risk. Spot gold is available for all account types as CFD, with spreads starting from 45 cents and leverage up to 1: 400.


волантильными Diversify your portfolio by trading over-the-counter: spot silver, spot gold, foreign exchange and CFDs. Compared with spot gold, silver is a less stable asset, but has a considerably reasonable price. Spot silver is ideal for trading volatility assets with the appropriate risk management of capital.

Statistics say that world trade 2/3 focused on finished goods, and 1/3 raw. In Russia, by the way, is exactly the opposite. But those traders who are interested in diversifying their business — expanding the list of tradable assets, which means reducing the risks, already drew attention to the commodities. Trading in commodities has emerged much earlier than currency. For a long time they existed in parallel. But the success of universal and specialized commodity exchanges could not attract the attention of the participants of the Forex market. Currently, the commodity markets are trading currency and Forex commodities.There are many commodity groups, only some of them: — metals, the most popularity and demand for precious (gold, silver, platinum), but also marketable and non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, lead, tin, etc.); — agricultural products — grain (wheat, rice, corn); coffee and sugar; — frozen meat and live cattle; — energy (oil, coal, natural gas) the volatility of the commodities market is much higher than in currencies, which means that a competent trader have more probability to get profit. Of course, this is a special industry, which requires taking into account not only political and economic factors, but seasonal, if it is, for example, on agricultural products. On the other hand, noble metals, primarily gold, has always been a refuge from the risks of the global economy. The great interest of traders and investors to gold has led to the fact that any self-respecting broker includes it in the list of available tools.The opportunity to be engaged not only trade in goods but also insurance risks has led to the extension tools of the trade appeared — futures — obligation to buy or sell something in the future for a certain price. All this diversity you can find in the familiar terminal and to include in their trade.