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Spreads & Conditions

Spreads is the most important aspect when choosing a broker and for this reason WSSolution will provide You with the most competitive and tight spreads on all of our types of accounts. Please, read the table of spreads for different instruments available on the trading platform.

The spread (from the English. spread — the difference) is the difference between the best buying price (price ask) and selling (bid) in one and the same time on a specific currency pair. The spread can be considered by the Commission, which sets the Forex broker for a trader opening a position (buy or sell). Since the spread is most of the cost Forex trader, it is important to consider it in trade: the smaller the spread the better to trade with a broker that offers it. Spreads in the Forex market is generally measured in points and not in money. For example, if the current EUR/USD is listed as 1.31990/1.32010, the spread is 0.0002 or 2 dollar item. The choice in favor of measurement points enables us to compare spreads on different financial instruments.

The size of the spread affects the liquidity of the currency pair: the more liquid the asset, the lower the spread and Vice versa. The lowest spreads are observed in pairs Euro/dollar, pound/dollar, dollar/franc and Euro/pound, dollar/yen, US dollar/canadian dollar, Euro/yen